Our Story

When I had my daughter Georgia, I realised very quickly that being a mum was going to be my most challenging journey. 

Every single experience was brand new and in the early days that were a cloudy fog of sleep deprivation, doubting myself & constantly learning, I struggled to decide which brands and products would help me get through whatever ‘crisis’ I was experiencing at the time – whether that was how to stop my baby waking 8 times a night, wondering how to not choke your baby when starting solids or which teething products would help ease the pain.

Although I often spent a lot of time researching and looking for reviews I ended up getting most of my recommendations from an amazing bunch of mums, who I met through antenatal classes.  I could always count on the fact that at least one of them were also going through the same ‘crisis’ and they were who I trusted most!  If I didn’t have these personal recommendations who knows how much time and money I would have spent trying to find the things I needed (or the amount of frustration I would have endured).

That’s where the passion to create Road to Georgia ignited from.   I want to help pave the road for busy mums with products and brands that make this mum gig a little bit easier.  Take away the need to spend precious time searching for the right products by entrusting us to be another 'Mum' in your circle of trust, freeing up time to do things that matter to you most.