Cluster Feeding Deluxe Gift Bag


The first few months with a new baby can be hard work for mum so why not look after her with this gift bag designed to help her get through the early cluster feeding stages!  This premium selection of products are hand-picked to help assist with breastfeeding and to make every mum feel super special.


  • 1x packet The Lactation Station Dark Choc lactation cookies - delicious and a handy snack 
  • 1x Boobie Blend by The Lactation Station - filled with ideal ingredients to aid breastfeeding mothers and their milk supply.
  • 1x Montii Co Insulated Coffee/Travel Cup - great at keeping your hot drinks hotter for longer, because you'll need it!
  • 1x Kiwi Wheat Bag - some relief for the neck and shoulders that get a serious workout 
  • 1x Hydrogel Breast Discs - crucial relief and best fresh from the fridge
  • 1x Raw Nature NZ Dry Shampoo - for those days that a shower just doesn't happen
  • 1x Thank You hand moisturiser

Each gift bag comes in a super cute reuseable cotton Road To Georgia Tote Bag.