Montii Insulated Drink Bottle Sip Lid & Straw - Mini and 600ml bottles


This lid & straw set allows you to convert your handbag hero drink bottle into a sip style drink bottle.  Simply replace the bamboo lid with the sip lid & straw and there is no need to tip the bottle up to access the water, just sip away.

This is a great option if you want a drink bottle that will last years for your little ones as they can use the sip lid and straw while learning and then graduate to the bamboo lid when older and more confident using with an open top.  It's also great add on for mums who only ever has one hand (or a few fingers!) spare to hold a drink bottle but want a bottle small enough to fit into their hand bag!

The sip lid & straw is compatible with mini drink bottles, handbag hero drink bottles and the regular 600ml drink bottles.  Simply snip the straw shorter to fit into the mini & handbag hero drink bottles.