Wet & Wild Toddler Gift Bag


Bathtime for toddlers is one big adventure & this gift bag ensures that they have fun from beginning to end with delicious bath product, a 'big' kid towel with pockets & a super funky toothbrush to finish the routine.


  • 1x Little Unicorn Big Kids Towel - gorgeous cotton muslin design on one side, fluffy terry cotton on the other, made for your 'big' kids
  • 1x Child's Farm bath wash of your choice - all smell delicious and are great for sensitive skin
  • 1x Do Gooder bamboo eco-brush Round toothbrush 

    Each gift bag comes in a super cute reuseable cotton Road To Georgia Tote Bag.

    All gift bags can be personalised with different designs of the same items listed above as long as stock availability allows.   If you want specific designs please list this in the notes section when purchasing.