Winter Duvet Front Zip Sleeping Bag


The Front Zip Duvet Woolbabe is our most popular warm sleeping bag, much loved for being so easy to use and so cosy. They are ideal for bedrooms under 20 degrees, though they can be used in rooms 14 to 22 degrees by varying the clothing inside the bag.

Ideal for autumn through to spring for most of Australasia, and even summer nights in cooler homes. The Duvet Woolbabe has the heavier feel of a quilt or layers of wool blankets, with the peace of mind that comes with your baby sleeping in a sleeping bag designed with safety as a priority.  

Duvet Woolbabes are filled with a luxurious merino filling, quilted with smooth organic cotton lining that makes them suitable for babies with sensitive skin.  The lovely soft outer layer is the exclusive woolbabe merino and organic cotton blend fabric.

Please note we don't hold the Tide or Dusk style or any size 2-4yr old sleep sacks on site - we order these in on demand so please add 2 days to shipping times.


  • Our most popular winter sleeping bag
  • Filled with warm, temperature regulating merino filling to keep your child cosy
  • Organic cotton lining is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Safe sleep to give you real peace of mind with no loose bedding.
  • No need for any additional blankets that can be kicked off.
  • Quick and easy to use front-zip
  • Zero waste, reusable cloth bag packaging
  • Comes with a free room thermometer & clothing guide

Please note we don’t hold the 2-4 year old size in stock, we order it from the supplier and ship out to you once arrived.  Please allow 2 extra days for delivery due to this.